VAPP - Unable to start auditd
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VAPP - Unable to start auditd


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


When running the below commands against the environment they are throwing the error "FAILED"

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 (MyIPAddress):~ > service auditd stop

Stopping auditd:                                           [FAILED]

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 (MyIPAddress):~ > service auditd start

Starting auditd:                                           [FAILED]

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 (MyIPAddress):~ > service auditd status

auditd is stopped


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


The previous CP's deployed the audit.log as root and now that the newest CP is applied it is now stored under config.


Delete all audit.logs on the troubled machine. ( Execution of rm command) then run 'service auditd start'

Log File Location:


Additional Information

There was an undocumented enhancement to the product that now has the audit.log owned as config so that way it can be better managed rather than being owned as root.

Stop / Start Commands:

service auditd stop
service auditd start