Accessing multiple databases from a Gen application on Linux
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Accessing multiple databases from a Gen application on Linux


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What is the correct way for an application to access multiple databases in Linux?.
Customer has a workaround using Oracle's TWO-TASK variable, but that doesn't seem to fit.


Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Run Time, Distributed


CA Gen C applications (GUI/Online/Cooperative) use a "connect once" methodology.  Each discrete Gen load module will connect, upon instantiation, to a single Oracle instance and remain connected throughout the life of the load module.  Any CRUD actions performed during a transaction are assumed to be done against tables that reside in the connected Oracle instance. If the table is a view in that Oracle instance or is a view against a table residing in a linked Oracle instance, the Gen application is agnostic to this arrangement. We do not generate C code containing SQL that explicitly references remote table objects. If a table is in an Oracle instance other than then connected instance, the user will need to have created the aforementioned link to the remote table.