Data Collector upgrade stuck in caching mode
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Data Collector upgrade stuck in caching mode


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Upgrading a Low-Scale Shared Data Aggregator (DA) and Data Collector (DC) system.

After upgrading the other systems the Upgrade button for the DC was selected in the DX NetOps Performance Management Performance Center (PC) Portal web UI.

The DC upgrade didn't run and no logs were created to indicate it tried to upgrade.

The DC still shows the old release and fails to run or collect new data.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Low-Scale Shared DA and DC system upgrades do not support the UI based Upgrade option for DC upgrades.


Low-Scale DC systems must be manually upgraded following the documented steps.

In the Upgrading documentation Step 6 states:

Note: For a low-scale system where the Data Collector shares a host with the Data Aggregator, complete the configuration to enable the components to run on the same host. For more information, see Install a Low-Scale System.

When we navigate to the Install a Low-Scale System documentation we see the process needed in this scenario. After the DA is upgraded follow the remaining documentation steps to:

  1. Install the DC manually running the install.bin file
    1. Uninstall the DA ActiveMQ (AMQ) service
    2. Install the DC AMQ service
  2. Reconfigure the DC
  3. Validate the Deployment