Unable to remove attribute from directory.xml
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Unable to remove attribute from directory.xml


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CA Identity Manager


When trying to remove all references to a custom attribute we are no longer using,

removed all references to the attribute from the directory schema,

removed all references from the roles and tasks in IDM.

Then exported the directory xml and from the IDM Management Console, modified the XML by removing the entry for the attribute, then imported (Update) the directory XML, and restarted the environment.

Subsequently, when we exporting the directory.xml, the attributes we removed still appear.

How can we remove the attribute from the directory XML?



The directory update/import only adds or modifies objects, it does not perform deletions. This is by design, to prevent accidental deletion of required attributes. 

The only supported way to delete attributes is to export the environment.zip, delete the environment and directory, then create a fresh directory with your required attributes and import the environment.zip.

In this process, you will end up with a new OID for the environment which means will no longer be able to track previously in-progress or completed tasks associated with the old environment's OID.


Delete and create a fresh IME and directory only if absolutely necessary.  Broadcom's recommendation is to simply leave the attributes as is and just change the tasks, screens, and customizations as needed to no longer use the custom attribute.