Need to replace comma with pipe delimiter in a file
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Need to replace comma with pipe delimiter in a file


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


How to replace comma separated CSV input file with pipe delimiter. We could not see any options with which this can be done directly using FDM/any other TDM utility. Please can you advise how we can achieve this. 


Release : 4.9

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Others


TDM and all its Utilities work on the "DATA" that is stored in various formats. For FDM or any other utility to work on the data it needs to be stored in a specific format( like RDBMS or flat files(csv, xml, txt, xls, etc.) Based on the file and the delimiters using which data is stored, these utilities parse the data and perform given operations of data discovery, generation, sub-setting or masking. 

TDM utilities are NOT designed to work on modifying file sorting delimiter options. Hence it is not possible to modifying the data delimiters with TDM components.