Steps to add Active Directory (AD) Group in Datamaker
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Steps to add Active Directory (AD) Group in Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Error when switching Datamaker  AD Group/What Password Does it want and where do I put it?

I went in as myself and switched it from APP_TDM_ADMIN to app_tdm_datamaker. I then logout out and couldn't get back in. 

I logged in as Administrator and tried switching it back and got this error. 

Cannot safely set AD Group to APP_TDM_ADMIN as the following error occurred:

"Invalid password - cannot test existence of group APP_TDM_ADMIN"

If you continue you may not be able to access this CA Test Data Manager - Datamaker Test Data Repository.

Continue anyway?


All supported TDM releases.




To set AD group in Datamaker the steps are:

1- Make sure an LDAP user is added to Datamaker manually by the Administrator

2- Use the LDAP password when creating the LDAP user in Datamaker

3- Logon to Datamaker using the LDAP user

4- Update the LDAP group as usual in Datamaker

5- Done

6- Now the LDAP password can be reset or just remove the LDAP user in Datamaker

As Administrator you removed the AD group on the system.

Went and changed your current ID , it was already there, and added same password as AD group. You were already an admin.

You logged out as admin and went back in as your LDAP userid and added the group.