Incorrect alerts being generated in OI
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Incorrect alerts being generated in OI


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Today, we saw incorrect alerts being generated multiple times in OI. We also received a notification for this older alarm.

These are older alarms which has been closed many months back. Also, we do not have any alert configured on the APM side for these alarms anymore.


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


The alarm mentioned here is not newly generated. This was created in Jan 2nd, and are auto closed by system now (due to having age more than 30 days).  The alarm is in greyed state (CLOSED alarms would be shown in grey out state).  
When the alarm is closed, last updated ( timestamp ) of the alarm would be updated. Same is the case for this alarm mentioned.
In general, if there is any update on the alarm, last updated ( timestamp ) value will be updated. That might have triggered the notification.
In this case if we do not want the notification for CLOSED alarm, we need to change the policy accordingly.