WLMSED reporting on SEDPCIUS often more than 100%
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WLMSED reporting on SEDPCIUS often more than 100%


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MICS Resource Management


I am analyzing the WLMSED data for delays and have noticed that the SEDPCIUS: Percent Using I/O seems to often be more than 100%. I have attached a printout of the data for reference. Please could someone let me know why we are seeing this when the value should never be above 100% according to the documentation.


Release : 14.2

Component : CA MICS BASE SET


Data element SEDPCIUS - Pct Using I/O occassionally shows values exceeding 100%.  The root cause of the problem is that data element SEDTOSST - Total Sampled States, which is the denominator used in the equation to calculate SEDPCIUS, can be understated when the following three conditions are met:

   1) Data element SEDTOUSE - Total WLM Usings contains a value of zero.                                     
   2) Data element SEDTOIUS - Total WLM I/O Usings or data element SEDTODSD - DASD I/O Delay contains a non-zero value.                                                                                            
   3) WLM Management of Service Classes does not use I/O Priority Management.

When all three conditions are true, SEDTOSST will contain a lower value than it should.  There are a total of 38 "Percent" data elements that use SEDTOSST as the denominator in the "Percent" equation, so the values of these other "Percent" data elements (names are SEDPC***) are impacted as well.

SECPCIUS contains a value greater than 100%.

Reports and analysis of Service and Report Class "Percent" data element values in the WLMSED and WLM_ED files is innacurate for observations where SECTOSST is understated.



Product Change RMF7157 - Data Element SEDPCIUS Value Exceeds 100%