Very short Jobs submitted in SAP can take until to 30 seconds in Dollar Universe.
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Very short Jobs submitted in SAP can take until to 30 seconds in Dollar Universe.


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The SAP Manager engine activity is based on cycle, every 30 seconds the SAP manager will poll the SAP system about the status of the currently running Jobs.

Depending on the time when a short SAP Jobs is submitted, its job in DUAS will take longer and shorter, normally between 1 and 30 seconds. This will depend on th periodicity of the SAP Manager cycle. If the JOB is submitted shortly before the next polling takes place the duration in Dollar Universe will be short, if the submission is done at the beginning of a new cycle the duration of the job will be take until to 30 seconds.

The parameter that controls the cycle duration is the following in the SAP manager settings :

Node settings ==> Manager for the SAP Solutions ==> Manager Polling Cycle (s) of the Status of a SAP job = 30  (UXSAP_RETRY_NB)

The default value of this parameter is 30 seconds.

It is possible to reduce it (manager must be restarted to have the change taken into account), this will shorten the Manager cycle but this should be done with care.

Possible impacts:

1. If you have too many SAP jobs currently being submitted and being checked , you will 'snowball' the manager on status recovery. It means that it will spend too much time trying to update the job status, provoking a global slow down of the manager.

2. Second impact is : more requests sent to SAP Server (for nothing if you don't have anything running at a specific time).



Release : 6.10  Component : DOLLAR UNIVERSE


We have only very little recommendations to this changes, this may depend on the particularity of your production:

If you are running mainly SAP Jobs with a very duration, the reducing the cycle to the half might or even shorter might be conceivable.

If the production runs many Jobs with a long execution time, like for example  Process Chain, or long during ABAPs, then reducing of the cycle will not bring much on will not be recommended.

Before any implementation in production, any changes of this parameter, should be considered with caution and should be submitted to an extended validation.

Finally it is important to mention, that when our developers decided to set the cycle at 30 seconds, they followed the recommendations they got from SAP.