Getting a CEE3501S calling Endevor user exits sub-modules from CONLIB
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Getting a CEE3501S calling Endevor user exits sub-modules from CONLIB


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Have customized a user exit 07 and have an entry in the C1UEXITS table:

         @C1UEXIT EXIT#=7,NAME=CEMXPB07,ANCHID=0,AUTH=NO              


The AUTH=NO allows us to place the user exit in a non-APF library concatenated to the CONLIB. Along with the Endevor exit, other separately link-edited load modules are included in that non-APF library.

The customized exit CEMXPB07 make calls to these other modules. ex: CEMXPB07  calls  CEMXPB13.

When executing the package function which activates the user exit 07,  getting the following message:

CEE3501S The module CEMXPB13 was not found.


The final goal is to put all our user exit and related load modules outside of the APF concatenation. The C1UEXITS table with the AUTH=NO seem to allow that but only if the sequence of execution of the module is predetermined which is not our case.

Is there another way to reach that goal ? 



Release :  18.0   18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The issue is the Endevor exit 07 CEMXPB07 is dynamically calling CEMXPB13.
CEE3501S indicates the dynamic call is being handled by Language Environment. LE's doesn't know anything about CONLIB, it uses the standard operating system search sequence (STEPLIB/JOBLIB/LINKLIST).
Possible solutions are:
  1. Include the exit load library in the LINKLIST
  2. Link-edit all modules together and use static calls

  3. Write an LE-compliant Assembler program that:
    • Opens a DCB for the CONLIB DD
    • Issues a LOAD with the DCB parameter for the desired program.
    • Calls the loaded program
    • deletes the loaded program
    • Closes the DCB
    • Returns to the caller