Is WebDAV required on the SMP, Site Servers, or ServiceDesk Servers?
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Is WebDAV required on the SMP, Site Servers, or ServiceDesk Servers?


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For some customers, during their server security checks, the audit reports that recommend WebDav are removed from all IIS Servers. Will this affect the Symantec Management Platform (SMP), Site Server, or ServiceDesk Servers if it is removed/disabled?"


ITMS 8.5, 8.6
ServiceDesk 8.5, 8.6


  1. The WebDAV is required by Deployment Solution to write images to SMP and\or Package servers. The WebDAV implements PUT operation that is required by deployment to perform HTTP(s) imaging. If Deployment is not used, or it is configured for UNC imaging only - the WebDAV is not used.
  2. The WebDAV is not a pre-requisite for Site Servers (Task and/or Package Servers) installations and this feature is not installed by Site Servers setups.
  3. The Deployment Package Server plugin installation will force WebDAV to install on a Site Server, but this plugin is required only for the HTTP(s) imaging (so WebDAV is necessary for this case). The UNC imaging can be performed without this plugin installed on a Package server.
  4. The workflow (WF)/ServiceDesk (SD) solution does not require WebDav to be installed for IIS to operate. However, Workflow Solution has "Microsoft Exchange" family components that utilize WebDAV protocol and if the exchange server being operated is installed on the same server where WF is installed then WebDAV will be a requirement.

Additional Information

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