Setting up a symbolic console name variable for the SYSVIEW CONSOLE command
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Setting up a symbolic console name variable for the SYSVIEW CONSOLE command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Due to no master CONSOLE being set on a system , SYSVIEW was automatically scanning the available cross system console list and was picking up the first MCS or SMCS console that was listed in SYSVIEW via the SYSVIEW CONSOLE command whether or not it was the correct console name for that system that had been logged on to.   Customers were being forced to always issue the CONSOLE command with the correct console name for the system that  they logged on to in order to see the desired system console information.   The workaround included in the resolution section of this knowledge document details an approach that will make the CONSOLE name a variable that will be automatically filled in for the customer for any system that they log on to and eliminate the need for them to specify the console name each time they invoke the CONSOLE command. 



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


You can specify a default variable console ID for the SYSVIEW CONSOLE command by defining a symbolic variable that will be populated during your SYSVIEW session startup.
Perform the following steps: 
1) Update the *.CNM4BPRM(OPTIONS) member of your SYSVIEW site library. At the top of the member, you will add some lines to define a symbolic variable that looks like the following substituting your System Name for CPU1 and CONSOLE name for CPU11500, for CPU2 CONSOLE name CPU22500, etc:





2) Next you will need to set your CONSOLE PROFILE DEFAULT variable to &MYCONSOL:
*  Enter the CONSOLE command in SYSVIEW
* Enter the profile command on the CONSOLE panel
*  Select the Miscellaneous Section
* Add the variable name  &MYCONSOL in the value column for Default parameters
* Hit PF3 and now the CONSOLE command should default to the value that you set for &MYCONSOL
* To save your profile change,   enter command PROFILE SAVE before exiting your SYSVIEW session