Update to TSV does not show on the other server
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Update to TSV does not show on the other server


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Timescale view randomly reverts to weekly after configuring to monthly. Does not occur every time. I can reproduce this on the admin side by changing the time scale value and when refreshing or loading the page from another server the changed value does not show – only on one server will show the change


Release : Any


  • The configurations for views/portlets are stored in the database.
  • The app servers should read that from the database unless it's cached in memory.  
  • Look in your load balancer to see what the options for Sticky sessions / Session Persistence are.
  • They should be set to Sticky sessions/ enabled Persistence/ Soft session persistence.
  • This way the same user will not be redirected to a different server every time.
  • This is a required setting, if it was not set, please set it and try again