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Create read only look up attribute


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Hi Team,

Need your valuable advice on creating read-only single value lookup attribute on an object. 

I have tried to create a read only single value lookup attribute and save but it give me an error as attached screen capture.

But I can see there are single value lookup attribute attributes on same object previously created.

Could you please guide me.





Release : All

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


The attribute you trying to create is a read-only attribute with no default, and when you save in the UI it will not allow. The fact it's read-only requires default, is actually by design. So as the text suggests in order to make an attribute read-only a default must be selected. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this. I'm not exactly sure how the single value lookup attribute on same object got previously created without a default. Based on the research and trying the same to reproduce the issue it looks like someone used some method outside the UI to to create read-only attributes without a default.