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FireEye device not being modeled correctly


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CA Spectrum


When we discover FireEye devices, they are coming in as Model Type=GnSNMPDev. We are trying to create a watch on feActiveVMs in
  the FireEye OID, but I will need to create a unique Model Type to use for these devices, if they don't come in with their correct Model Type.
  I am under the impression that the FireEye devices are certified.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


FireEye Devices have not yet been certified by Spectrum


Spectrum has not yet certified FireEye devices and therefore when discovered they will populate as Model Type GnSNMPDev (as it should).
   Certification for FireEye devices is currently in the works.

In this case, the Watch will need to be created on the GnSNMPDev Model Type with the 'Active By Default' option unchecked. Then Activate
   the watch on the FireEye device models.

1. Import the FE-FIREEYE-MIB Into MibTools




2. Map the feActiveVMs OID to a Spectrum Attribute




3. Create the SpectroWatch on one of the FireEye Devices (Currently a GnSNMPDev Model Type)



Note: Make sure to uncheck the 'Active By Default' setting so that the watch does not go active on all GnSNMPDev models.

4. Activate the watch on the desired models.