BSI Adaptor stopping without any error
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BSI Adaptor stopping without any error


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CA Business Service Insight


An Adapter will start well with the run now option, it runs for few minutes and then show status as not running. Checking the logs on BSI UI does not find any relevant errors.


Release : 8.35



If you look in the Adapter xml configuration file you'll see that the setting 


is set. Due to this, the Adapter is set to stop at the end of each run. This can be changed, however:

1) Go to Design > Acquisition > Adapters

2) Edit the Adapter (you'll need to stop it if it's currently running, first)

3) On the first page, General, click to open the Advanced settings pop-up

4) Go to Processing, and change the Run: setting from Once to Always

5) Save, Finish, and restart the Adapter