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One lookup value will not stick in both Classic and New UX when the value has a space


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


This issue impacts one specific lookup value. You have a static dependent list on the project. You can select all active lookup values except one. You can select it on the UI, but on save, the value is cleared out.  All other values work as expected. This impacts both Classic UI and the New User Experience (UX).


Release : All


This can be due to an irregularity or space in the XML file used in a XOG.


Remove the space from inside the quotes in the XOG.  Once the XOG completes successfully, the value can be selected/saved and it will display in both classic and the New User Experience (UX).

<lookupValue code="xxxx_xxxx " parentCode="xxxx" sortOrder="0" status="active">  ---->  <lookupValue code="xxxx_xxxx" parentCode="xxxx" sortOrder="0" status="active">