Allocation of Receiving Dataset B37 with XCOM for z/OS
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Allocation of Receiving Dataset B37 with XCOM for z/OS


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XCOM Data Transport - z/OS


  • Send a GDG dataset that is defined with SMS info to be a zEDC compressed dataset.
  • Transfer the compressed dataset to a sequential dataset, but without the SMS info that would indicate it to be a zEDC compressed dataset.
  • Received B37 abends were received when creating the receiving dataset
  1. With the SMS rules being different for the creation of the dataset, would XCOM allocate the size of the dataset on the receiving side to the size of the zEDC compressed dataset or should it create the size without the zEDC compression?
  2. When XCOMing a zEDC compressed dataset, if the receiving dataset is not defined as a zEDC compressed dataset, does the dataset lose its compression, or would it keep its compression even though the dataset in allocated with SMS information that doesn't relate to zEDC compression?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Space parameters were not specified in the SYSIN01 parameters. XCOM does not support sending the zEDC attributes to the partner system.  


Please note that what you are describing is zEDC compression on hardware and not XCOM's zlib zEDC compression.

XCOM takes the allocation information from the sending side. If the dataset is compressed, in this case smaller on the sending side, there is no way for XCOM to determine what the expanded size of that dataset will be on the receiving side. 

It is the responsibility of the user to size that dataset properly on the receiving side or to use the appropriate SMS parameters that will cause the dataset to be compressed on the receiving side. The user would have to specify the proper XCOM parameters in the SYSIN01 for the sizing of the dataset on the receiving side.