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UIM 20.3.3.X Metric View - Issue with Duplicate names pop up message "This view name already exists. Please create a different view name"


Article ID: 216702


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This technical article documents a known defect with the OC Metric Viewer. 

Symptoms of Problem: 

  • If a private "metric view" has already been created with the name of "test metric view" by user1 and another user (user2) logs into the OC and attempts to create a new metric view with the same name (e.g. "test metric view"), the creation fails as expected however, NO alarm message or reason is provided.
  • The expectation is that all/any duplicate metric view names should display the message "This view name already exists. Please create a different view name". 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Access the OC with an account contact user (user1) -> Select an OC Group (OC Group1) -> Created a Private metric view named "Test Metric View".

  2. Access OC with the administrator account -> Selected the same Group (OC Group 1) -> Attempted to create another Private metric view named "Test Metric View" -> At this point is where the problem occurs, nothing happens and NO message is raised.

Checking the network tab developer tools you can see the OC is logging the network call "named-views" as status: 500, errorCode: "500", example of response below:

{"status":500,"errorCode":"500","errorMsg":"Error creating view. Metric view with same name already exists for the combination of account and username.","errorDetail":null,"timestamp":{"nano":61000000,"epochSecond":1620706596}}


Release : 20.3



Product defect / bug. 


This defect has been replicated internally and the UIM OC engineering team has confirmed it will be fixed as part of the next Hotfix / Patch which is scheduled mid-July 2021 (Tentative). 

Any questions or concerns, please contact Broadcom Technical Support and reference this article (Article Id: 216702). 

Additional Information

Please be aware there is a separate defect related to the Metric Viewer which has already been resolved via UIM 20.3.3 HF1 (June Patch), more details can be found in the below article. 

Article ID: 216556
UIM 20.3.3 HF1 edit metric fails: "This view name already exists. Please create a different view name"