Configure a proxy for MSSQL Database connector
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Configure a proxy for MSSQL Database connector


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Windows 10 environment

There are 5 configuration items for the proxy, missing some items will cause a connection failure to Rally.

The error messages may look like,

INFO: AgileCentralConnection.connect - Proxy for AgileCentral connection:  http://xxx:yyy@zzzz:False
INFO: AgileCentralConnection.connect - Connecting to AgileCentral
FATAL: AgileCentralConnection.connect(128) - <ConfigurationError> Unable to connect to Agile Central at 404 Target host: '' is either not reachable or doesn't support the Rally WSAPI


If the proxy url "http://xxx:yyy@zzzz:False" is ended with "False" then the proxy port is not fully configured.  It will be necessary to set the proxy port to make it work.


List of the proxy configure items (for example, in acdata.yml file)

Item name Required/Optional Default value
ProxyServer Required N/A
ProxyPort Required "False"
ProxyProtocol Optional "http"
ProxyUser Optional N/A
ProxyPassword Optional N/A


Alternately, it is possible to remove the proxy configuration items from the config file and set the environment variable instead.




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