Cleanup and hide not removing file systems
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Cleanup and hide not removing file systems


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File systems that should be unmounted and delete by CSM in response to doing a cleanup and hide are not being deleted.


Release : 6.1

Component : Chorus Software Manager


CSM shares file systems across products that share the same components. It also shares the same file system for all releases of the same product.
The cleanup and hide of one release of a product that has multiple releases will not unmount and delete the file system. A cleanup and hide would have to be done at the product level.
This is an example that shows  CA ACF2 for z/OS MIPS - MVS 16.0 using the CA IDMS/DB - MVS 19.0 and CA Common services directories to access install package  B60000ESACS.pax.Z.
IDMS is using the Common services directory then ACF2 is linked to the same directory. It does not create a separate directory for these three products for  B60000ESACS.pax.Z.
All three products would have to be cleaned up and hidden for the file system to be unmounted from the directory and hidden. This is the reason why you will CSM not deleting file systems as you could expect when a single product is cleanup and hidden. CSM creates the directories for each product based on the product name.
 NAME,                             (SEE BELOW)           VARCHAR(27/254)
 <CA ACF2 for z/OS MIPS - MVS>                                          
 HIDDEN,                           <0>,                  INT NOT NULL  
 NAME,                             <16.0>,               VARCHAR(4/64) NO
 HIDDEN,                           <0>,                  INT NOT NULL  
 NAME,                             <B60000ESACS.pax.Z>,  VARCHAR(17/254)
 LOCATION,                         (SEE BELOW)           VARCHAR(139/254)