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Nimsoft Whitepapers


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Where can I find the old Nimsoft Whitepapers which describe the functionality of various probes?


Attached to this KB article are all of the available Nimsoft Whitepapers.

Additional Information

These whitepapers were produced many years ago by the original Nimsoft developers, and as such are not kept up-to-date with the latest details; we also do not have them available for other probes and have no plans to produce additional whitepapers. They do, however, describe the basic fundamentals of the probes and most of this information has not changed;  there may be some additional callbacks and functionality which these documents do not reference, as it did not exist when they were published, but the information about the callbacks which are described is likely to be accurate for the foreseeable future.


1622830122081__distsrv_technical_brief.docx get_app
1622830116104__hub_technical_brief_5-41.pdf get_app
1622830110311__nsa_2.06_technical_brief.pdf get_app
1622830104023__data_engine_guide.pdf get_app
1622830098641__cdm_technical_brief.pdf get_app
1622830090298__nas_technical_brief.pdf get_app