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Azure connector Force Change Password Next Login always true


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CA Identity Manager


When the Azure Rest connector is Integrated with CA Identity Manager (IM) the following behavior is observed.

  • When an account is created with a template that has the “Force Change Password Next Login” UNCHECKED the account is created with the flag checked
  • When you change the password in IM using “Change My Password” the flag in the account is checked again

How do you enforce a "false" setting?



Release : 14.3 CP2

Component : Identity Minder(Identity Manager)


Microsoft has confirmed that the default behavior is "true" and this cannot be changed.  The IM code does not send a "false" if the "true" option is unchecked so a "false" cannot be applied.


IM Engineer has supplied a two-part 14.3 CP2 fix for the OOTB Azure Rest connector to address this issue.( and

Additional Information and are available upon request.