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Major condition on device in Spectrum after converting to V3 security string but no alarms seen


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CA Spectrum


CA Spectrum shows few devices in Major status, but there are no alarms or events showing Major status.

Actually there are no alarms at all.


Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


This can happen after converting a device modeled with SNMP V2 credential to be monitored via V3.


It is recommended to destroy V2 models and rediscover as V3 where possible. 

If this is not possible, manually change the community string to be the correct v3 string (#v3/P:MD5^<authpassword>:DES^<privacypassword>/<userid>).

Then right click, and select – Reconfiguration – Reset SNMPv3 Credentials.


Additional Information

Some customers had additional problems and resolved this by either of the following:

put the device into Maintenance mode, wait a poll cycle and then take the device out of maintenance.

or follow the steps described on next technical document to clear the SNMPv3 cache in Spectrum