GSV1048I "failed max retries" in CA SYSVIEW installation
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GSV1048I "failed max retries" in CA SYSVIEW installation


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Starting a z/OS Connect server and receiving the error message: 

GSV1048I z/OS Connect interceptors for CA SYSVIEW installation failed max retries



SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



The agent for z/OS Connect has a default max limit on attempting to install the SYSVIEW interceptors set at 2 minutes.

On systems that are busy, it appears that it might take longer than that. In a joblog where the agent successfully installed the interceptors, it can take around 1 minute.

In the joblog where the agent failed to install the interceptors, the message came out just around the 2 minute mark from when the agent started to try to install.

There is an undocumented agent option that can control this limit value and since customer has a need for it, others might too so we are going to document these options in our documentation.

Like the other options that the agent accepts, options can be specified as parameters at the agent startup or as environment variables.

The following controls how often the agent will attempt to install the interceptors in seconds (default: 2):

Agent parameter:  monzreqintvl

Env var:  GsvoMonitorZReqInstallInterval

The following controls the max number of tries the agent will attempt to install the interceptors (default 60):

Agent parameter: monzreqretry

Env var: GsvoMonitorZReqInstallRetries

The monzreqretry/GsvoMonitorZReqInstallRetries option should be used. Try setting it to 150.

This means the agent will try a max number of 150 times to install the agent every 2 seconds. 150 * 2 = 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

If the agent still fails to install after 5 minutes, this option can be set even higher. 

Those options should code in the same place where is coded the monzcn and monzcnreq options.

The only thing that needs to be recycled after the option is coded is the z/OS Connect server where the agent is running.Here is an example of these options: