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UIM secondary robot stopped working


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have deployed two robots on secondary Hub, this was working fine until recently, the secondary robot fails to start. The controller probe logs the following error:

May 24 15:59:06:729 1 Nimbus: 'controller' started (pid=68299)
May 24 15:59:06:729 1 Nimbus: 'controller' started (pid=68299)
May 24 15:59:06:729 0 Nimbus: 'controller' FAILED to start (exec) (-1) Unknown error -1
May 24 15:59:08:730 1 Nimbus: 'controller' stopped (pid=68299) RET = 255
May 24 15:59:08:730 1 Nimbus: Too many retries used starting 'controller', next start in 1200 seconds


Release : 9.x, 20.x

Component : UIM - ROBOT



The following steps on the secondary robot resolved the issue:

  1. stop the robot
  2. locate the niscache directory under the robot installation directory
  3. delete all the files in the niscache directory
  4. start the robot


Additional Information

If the issue still exists, please verify the configuration changes mentioned in the following link:

Install Multiple Robots on a Single Host (