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Symantec File Share Encryption "Force the encryption of files in the following folders" breaks to next line if folder has a space and exceeds the open field


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Symantec File Share Encryption, when managed by the Symantec Encryption Management Server, has the ability to force the encryption of specific folders.  If there are some folder paths that have spaces in them, there is a trick to ensure the folder paths do not get broken to the next line.


Consider the following folder paths, each path separated by a semicolon:

Z:\Encrypted Folder1;Z:\Encrypted Folder2;Z:\Encrypted Folder3;Z:\Encrypted Folder4;Z:\Encrypted Folder5;Z:\Encrypted Folder6;Z:\Encrypted Folder7

As you can see above, there is a space between the names of the folders "Encrypted Folder".  When this happens, this is just fine, however, if there are enough folder paths, the last folder path will be broken up to the next line. 

When you click save to the policy, and then open the policy back up, the result is that the folder path will be broken to the next line and subsequently, the folder path with the break will not be encrypted per policy.  In the following screenshot, you'll see that when we expand the open field, the path got broken up:




Instead of pasting the path in the small open field, expand the window and make it large so the entire path fits on one line:

As you can see in the example above, there were no line breaks where the spaces in the folders were.  Click save.

When you open the folder you will see the path did not break.

This issue happens only with Chrome and Firefox does not have this issue.

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