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CA View SARINIT parameter EROPRO is dynamically changing itself between task recycles


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SARINIT is run to set EROPRO=NEW as our standard value however, upon recycling SARSTC, this parameter is dynamically changing itself to EROPRO=ALL. 

This dynamic change to EROPRO=ALL is causing the standard backup cycle to run longer, which then causes some tape contention issues.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View

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All startup's of CA View were using the STOP BACKUP (PARM='your.view.dbname,STOPBU') option, as it had been hard coded into the SARSTC PROC JCL.


When starting SARSTC using the STOPBU option, the EROPRO parameter will automatically be set to EROPRO=ALL, until the next standard backup cycle completes.

It will then revert back to it's actual SARINIT job run value setting.

The CA View code is working as designed. Basically, it's designed this way to prevent loss of backup data. And CA/Broadcom recommends REMOVING the STOPBU option from the regular CA View task startup process.