Change Endevor C1DEFLTS Environment Stage-Id names
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Change Endevor C1DEFLTS Environment Stage-Id names


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Need to change the stage-id (&C1STGID or &C1SI) in several existing Environments for allocating dataset concatenations using ALLOC=LMAP in GENERATE processors. 

Example :
Old    -  ENV = environ, Stageid for stage1=1, Stageid for stage2 = 2
New  -  ENV = environ, Stageid for stage1=D, Stageid for stage2 = I

After changing the C1DEFLTS all elements in existing environments whose stage-id was changed could no longer be found!  Get the following message:


The change to C1DEFLTS was immediately backed out to restore element availability. 

Is there a utility to batch update Endevor's MCF etc. (?) to reflect the stage id change for thousands of affected elements?  



Release :  18.0  18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The Element Catalog needs to be updated to reflect the new Stage-id names.

  1. Update, assemble and relink the C1DEFLTS with the new Stage Id names. 

  2. Run BC1JCSYN found in the CSIQJCL library in Update mode (PARM='BC1PCSYNUPDATE')  to update the Element Catalog with the new MCF stage id names

  3. Review all Packages and make any Stage Id name changes necessary.

  4. Review Processors for any Processors using the &C1STGID or &C1SI symbolic as part of dataset names or IF statements.      



- Although the stage id is part of the Footprint it is always converted to an internal 1 or 2 stage number.           
- ACMQ and component lists are stage number driven.