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ACC configurationServer.url value does not get populated, even after adding the value explicitly


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


The configuration Server. configuration made to the Agent controller in ACC goes missing when we download the package and deploy it on the servers.



Release : SAAS

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The URL being used is the issue:
The URL being  used is without schema (http(s)/ws(s)) - such  a connection string is considered as legacy one which is (was) used for isengard communication (isengard's default port is 5001 - which is also used in the recording).
So the ACC allows use of such a connection string, but it sets it for the em-connection bundle only - it does not set it to ACC controller bundle, because the ACC controller does not communicate via isengard protocol, but REST over http(s)/ws(s) . 
The solution(s) - note - in both cases customer has to enable http(s)/ws(s)  on the cloud proxy
1) customer will enable http(s)/ws(s) on the cloud proxy and use connection over http(s)/ws(s) - in such a case just change the cloud-proxy (on the first panel of package creation) and it will be set for both em-connection and acc-controller bundles
or 2) customer has to enable http(s)/ws(s) on the cloud proxy and manually sets the connection url to property introscope.agent.acc.controller.configurationServer.url of the acc-controller bundle     
Note - This also explains why the acc-controller was not able to connect even the introscope.agent.acc.controller.configurationServer.url was set manually on installed agent - isengard protocol (port 5001) is not 'compatible' with the http(s)/ws(s) which acc-controller uses.