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UIM 20.3 compatibility in an unmixed or hybrid environment (Windows or UNIX/Linux)


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We are still in the planning phase to install a fresh UIM install in an Azure environment. Can you please confirm that you can support a full Linux environment and/or "hybrid" environment (Windows UIM Primary Hub + Linux MySQL Database for example). Also, are there any known performance issues between Linux and Windows?


Release : 20.3



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The UIM backend database must be compatible with the OS of your UIM Server system:

•  Linux or Solaris-based UIM server systems can use a MySQL or Oracle database

•  Windows-based UIM server systems can use Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle for the backend database

For higher scalability in larger environments, it is highly recommended to install the Primary hub and any/all high-traffic hubs or tunnel hubs on Linux for optimal performance and to avoid the 64-client hub subscriber limit.

When the Primary hub is installed on a Linux OS, you can still access the hub using Admin Console from any browser, or use IM from a Windows machine.

Additional Information

Note that Proxy or Remote Hubs can be mixed.

If you are using Secure HUB and Secure robot, you will not be able to connect IM directly to any Linux hub as you need to connect IM to address. You will always need at least 1 Windows Hub in a Secure Hub setup to be able to use IM.