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Administration Menu takes time to load (Slow performance)


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You are experiencing a delay loading the Clarity Administration Menu items. This issue impacts all your users. The navigator bean (Administration) menu takes time to load.

it is not only on the first login for the day, but for every login.


Release : 15.8.1


This issue is no longer reproducible in 15.9.2

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help:

  1. Check if another environment has the issue. Compare the logs with an environment that does not have the issue.
  2. Enable browser Developer Tools HAR files for review.
  3. Review the APP Access logs.
    1. Review entries before and after the line: POST /niku/odata/GetNavigatorMenuBean HTTP/1.1|200
    2. If there are 400 errors, have the Load Balancer/SSO team review the HTTP 4-- errors.

See also: Slow performance - best practices / known issues for Clarity