Outlook Add in for Mac is delaying email sending
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Outlook Add in for Mac is delaying email sending


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


  • You have deployed the Oulook Add-in for Mac as per the guidance in the tech documents. 
  • You now see “Symantec for Outlook is working on your request” for 2 to 3 seconds when clicking the 'send' button on a message in Outlook


Release : 15.x 16.x

Component : Outlook Add-in for Mac OS


This is working as designed. A delay of 2 to 3 seconds for this activity is normal.

  • The message is generated by Outlook, not by the add-in
  • The message cannot be customized or suppressed via DLP configuration

Additional Information

We have two types of monitoring for outlook 

1. Add-in based

This is the newly developed solution (15.x 16.x). The add-in must be deployed from the O365 administration center.
  • O365 mailbox 
  • Outlook version16.30 or greater



  • This is the only detection mechanism for Mac OS 11
  • See this advisory for details of support for the "new outlook UI" (see screenshot)


2. Hooking/injection based (This will not work with Mac OS 11 or later)

Hooking based monitoring is the legacy DLP solution, where we hook into the outlook application directly and monitor the outgoing emails.
In DLP 15.8 onward, the monitoring technique can be controlled by agent advanced setting:
  • Outlook.MONITOR_TECHNIQUE= 1 - enables the addin based monitoring
  • Outlook.MONITOR_TECHNIQUE= 0 -  this enables hooking based monitoring