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Missing Windows Services template 2.34 (legacy) on the OC MCS Profile


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Primary robot has ntservices_mcs_template 3.50 installed:

But, for group with robots that have ntservices 3.50 probe installed - when new MCS is being created, we do not see Windows Services template 2.34 (legacy).


Release : 20.3


ntservices_mcs_template 3.50


After re-installing ntservices_mcs_template 3.50 and activating the Windows Services template 2.34, we now see the Windows Services template 2.34 when creating new MCS profile:


1. Ensure that the ntservices 3.50 probe and ntservices_mcs_template 3.50 are in the local archive on primary hub.

2. Deactivate the mon_config_service probe

3. Run the following query against the UIM database:

    delete from SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage where probe_name = 'ntservices' and probe_template_pkg_version='3.50'; (and all the older versions that that you might on the server)

4. Delete the following directory from the primary hub server:

    ...\Nimsoft\probes\service\mon_config_service\migrators\probes\ntservices\3.50 (and the older version if you have any)

5. Activate the mon_config_service probe and open the View log. 

6. Deploy the ntservices_mcs_template 3.50 package to the Primary hub

7. Run the activate_probe_templates_package with 'ntservices' '3,50' in probe utility tool.

8. For the Windows Service 2.34 to be active, use "activate_template" callback with Windows Services as template_name and 2.34 as template_version.