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CA View/Deliver - Error in Distribution ID definition prevents Bundle from being created and now need to reprint


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We had an error in one of our distribution ID's that is used by some bundle definitions, that prevented the bundle from getting dynamically created.

Now that the situation has been corrected, we now need to create some bundled reports after the fact.

Is there a way to reprint a bundle?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


In order to reprint Deliver bundles in View:

 . The report(s) in question must reside in the View database. 
 . The report(s) in question must have gotten to View via a Deliver "direct write" (Deliver RMOPARM ARCHn=DIRECT[/view_hlq]). 

After meeting both of the above conditions:

 . In View, use mode EXPO
 . Issue command "JB" on the Command line
 . You will be presented with the "Bundle Reprint Selection List"

 . From here, you can delete reports other than the ones to be reprinted. 

   If you know what the relative copy is, you would use a '0' in the "Select by Copy" field for the most recent copy, where '-1' would be used for the previous copy. 

   With identifying that way, you would not need to delete anything from the reprint.

 . Issue line command "S" to select the bundle. 
 . You will be presented with the "Bundle Reprint Attributes" panel

 . Issue command "S" on the Command line, to prepare a job to re-print the bundle. 

 . After selecting what you want:

 . . Use [PF3] to return
 . . Type "sub" on the command line