Event pump GTMEDIOP rexx code - where is it located?
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Event pump GTMEDIOP rexx code - where is it located?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation



Trying to find any documentation and where the rexx code is located  originally we were told to use the NETCOOL  interface  but now i am told we are using the following


Customizing the CA OPS/MVS event feed to send events

Event Pump provides an EDI interface for the Computer Associates OPS/MVS

event feed. The CA OPS/MVS event feed facilitates the monitoring of the

enterprise and provides information about the status or condition of enterprise

components. Event Pump uses the messages and exceptions that are generated

through the CA OPS/MVS event feed.

The GTMEDITB EDI table member contains all format, action, and data types that

are supported by Event Pump. The GTMEDITB member is used by the EDI to

verify the data that is sent. The GTMEDIOP


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


The GTMEDIOP and GTMEDITM are not OPS/MVS distributed REXX code.   According to the Tivioli documentation the OPS/MVS automation rules, etc may be modified to call the GTMEDITM and pass parameters to Tivoli.   

We recommend contacting IBM support for further information, as we do not support it.