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How to Scale Portal SWARM of a single node with many Gateways increasing resources utilization on Portal Server ?


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CA API Developer Portal


Portal server for Classic Env , where there are 64 Gateway servers in 2 Datacenters (32 in DataCenter1 and 32 in Datacenter2).

Current resources of Portal Server are 32GB Ram, 8 vCPU & 500gb HDD.

Recently added a lot of Gateway servers in the capacity which has increased the resouce utilization on Portal server as well.

Currently Portal server Average CPU utilization is at 76% and Average memory utilization at 81%.

Can you please let us know the recommendations if we need to increase the resouces on Portal Server ?


Release : 4.5, 5.0

Component : API PORTAL


On this scenario with Portal SWARM of a single node, need to increase the Portal Servers.
1. To scale up, you will need additional 2 nodes to form a SWARM with quorum to handle outage scenarios in a Portal cluster.
2. In order to do this, Portal DB must be externalized if you are using the OOTB Postgres DB. 
3. Below the link to read up on Scaling Portal and please check out the sub pages for more info