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Process Start Instance Right is not checked properly resulting in the user being unable to start a process if they just have that instance right


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


An user is unable to start a process when process start instance right are given for a process definition and the process is called from an object instance action.


1. Create a process "project process 1" to be started on demand.

    Link the Start and Finish steps and validate it

3. To an existing user give the following instance level rights:

    Process - Start for "project process 1" 

4. Go to Studio > Project object

5. Actions tab, create an action to execute the process above

6. Views tab > Project properties View > Actions Menu

7. Add the action we created on step 5

8. As the user with the instance right, go to a project and execute the action we created.

Expected Results: A pop-up displays telling you the process was initiated

Actual results: A pop-up displays telling you there was a problem initiating the process and to contact the administrator






This is caused by DE55996


This is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.8.1

Additional Information

Same behavior has also been reported as DE60512 in 15.9. This is fixed in