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After creating a Cisco NCM upload repair task there is no auto save of device configuration


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CA Spectrum


After Cisco device family has an upload task, there are no automatic saves.  This behavior is different for Huawei which does have an automatic save.

The customer does not use trap based captures and if any upload repair task is done the next save does not happen until the next Global Synch Task.

This creates a danger that the current device configuration will not get saved after a repair task.




Release : 10.4.0

Component : Spectrum Application / NCM


There is a software bug that prevents the Cisco Device Families from doing an automatic save after a repair task upload.


This problem has been resolved in Spectrum 10.4.0 / BMP 1 with patch 10.04.00.D160


Additional Information

This fix has been added into Spectrum 21.2.2 out of box.


Symptom: Configuration changes to devices in the Cisco family are not automatically saved in NCM after an upload task.
Resolution: Code changes are made to save the configuration for the device which monitors configuration changes when unsolicited capture is disabled. (DE494956, 32572083, 21.2.2)



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