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Why does OneClick take between 3 to 5 minutes to fail over to the Secondary SS


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CA Spectrum


We have noticed that our OneClick server will take between 3 to 5 minutes before it fails over to the Secondary SS.

What can we do to reduce this time for failover as we notice that the events failover almost immediately?


Release : 20.2.x, 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / Fault Tolerance


Engineering has analyzed the way that the code is currently written, that the same second that OneClick identifies the primary SpectroSERVER as being down, an event thread causes the switch of the Events (Archive Manager) to the Secondary.

Once the Archive Manager has switched it starts polling the landscape of the Secondary and finds it up and running, however the polling of the Primary SS comes at a later time which accounts for this delay.


Code changes need to be done in a common sensitive area that will require extensive testing before released, therefore we will provide a fix in an upcoming main release after it has been fully tested.

Additional Information

This can be tracked as DE501660 in the Issues Resolved for a new Spectrum release.