SYSVIEW Upgrade with incompatible MQ Series version
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SYSVIEW Upgrade with incompatible MQ Series version


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Hi Team,

We are having SYSVIEW V15 and CICS V5.3 and MQ V9.0. And we are planning to Upgrade MQ to V9.2 and CICS to V5.6, For both the upgrades it seems SYSVIEW V15 in not compatible and needs SYSVIEW V16.


We are working towards SYSVIEW V16 Migration. But due to various reason we are forced to Upgrade MQ to V9.2 before SYSVIEW Migration completes.

What will be the Effects/action to take from our end if we Migrate MQ V0.2 and stay with SYSVIEW V15.Of course SYSVIEW will not monitor MQ that will be taken care . 

We are looking for any specific action to stop SYSIVIEW V15 to stop capture MQ v9.2 Alerts so that our automation don't get triggered for false alerts and create Incidents. 

Kindly advise. 


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


No further action will be required to stop the capture of MQ alerts. 

SYSVIEW 15.0 does not contain any support at all for MQ 9.2, only 16.0 supports 9.2.  In 15.0 none of the functionality will work for 9.2.  Instead, the following message is all that will show: 
MQSR129W Queue manager xxxx version 920 is not supported
The same will be true for any release of MQ that is not determined to be compatible with a specific release of SYSVIEW.