ETC not calculated automatically for assignments
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ETC not calculated automatically for assignments


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Even though actuals have been posted on a task by a particular resource, the ETC is not being calculated for the user on the assignment. The assignment shows 0 ETCs in the future and a finish date of last Friday.


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Effort Tasks

If this is the effort task on the project, there are a couple of options to update this:

  1. Increase the assignment finish date for the resources with the issue. This will populate ETCs if they have allocation higher than 0% on the project.
  2. Check the resource's finish date on the team tab of the project. If this is set to a date prior to today, if you increase that to a date in the future, this will also populate ETCs. 

If the task isn't an effort task

The one option would be to add ETCs to each assignment, then you can adjust the finish date of the assignment after that. Note: If time is posted and there are currently no ETCs for the assignment, you won't be able to update the assignment finish date without first adding ETCs.