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Top Secret EXCESS USS LOGGING FOR EVENTS and Values from 'stat' command WITH OPTIONS 32


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Top Secret


copy filesystem to create work aggregates of the current running USS file system, 
then running scripts to compare all of the directories and files to see if they exist 
and also the ACL values via a 'stat' command. 
This is causing millions of SMF 231 records to be created by TSS. 



Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Check to see if  OPTIONS(32) is set on the Control Options setting.

Options(32) will cause OMVS entries to be written to the Audit File.

With OPTIONS(32)  set, all non zero RCs passed back by USS RACF callable
services are logged in the audit file. Some of these callable services are
not even security related.

TSS MODI STATUS....will show OPTIONALS(xxx,xxx,xxx,)

Solution APAR: SO08024

Turn off OPTIONS value 32 and restart Top Secret.