How to move the temporary staging location on Scalability Servers?
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How to move the temporary staging location on Scalability Servers?


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Often scalability servers are installed with small OS partitions on the C: drive. The staging library (SDLIBRARY) is configured on another drive hosting plenty of space. Nevertheless staging a package to the scalability server results in a lack of space failure. How come?


All versions of CA Client Automation


When a package is staged, it is first transferred to a temporary location by DTS. Once the entire package is transferred, it will be moved to its final destination in the Software Package Library (SDLIBRARY). By default the temporary location is on the same drive that DTS is installed on (C: drive).

The DTS temporary staging location is controlled using the configuration policy: DSM -> Data Transport Service (DTS) -> Data Transport Agent Plugin -> Staging directory location.

Create a new policy and modify the value:

Point it to the drive/directory that you have sufficient space on, seal it and apply it to the desired Scalability Server.

If the temporary staging location should be modified on a single/few Scalability Servers only, it is also possible to make the adjustment directly into the comstore using:

ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/dts/dtsagent -pn StagingFileLocation -v "<correct path>"


Before the parameter should be set to "locally managed" in default computer policy or in a policy applied on the machine. Otherwise ccnfcmda will fail with error Access Denied.



Either way, you will need to restart CAF after making the change.