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Sysview ++HOLD - CICS NEWCOPY for program GSVCGSVS


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The ++HOLD of some fixes requires to perform a CICS NEWCOPY for program GSVCGSVS.


For example. For SO16018:

After applying this fix either the CICS region must be recycled to     
pick up the change, or the following steps can be followed to          
implement the change dynamically:                                      
1. Use the GSVT (terminate) transaction to stop SYSVIEW for CICS       
   in the CICS region.                                                 
2. Perform a CICS NEWCOPY for program GSVCGSVS.                        
3. Use the GSVS (start) transaction to bring SYSVIEW for CICS back     
   up in the CICS region.                                              


Why is this command necessary?


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


For the programs that are actually defined to CICS and come from DFHRPL, during startup the GSVCGSVS program does a PHASEIN for them.  The only exceptions are the GSVCGSVS program itself and the GSVCAPMX program.

If a PTF updates either of these programs then it is necessary to manually do a NEWCOPY so when the GSVS (start) transaction starts SYSVIEW for CICS in the CICS region the new version of GSVCGSVS is used.


If you use the GSVT transaction to stop SYSVIEW for CICS  in the CICS region and then you use the GSVS (start) transaction without manually doing a NEWCOPY of GSVCGSVS you may have problems because the old version of GSVCGSVS will be used.