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How to change the default severity of the incident created on the UIM - SNGTW probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The severity of the incident created is based on the value of the field "trap priority" which is included in the alarm details.

We are receiving p4 incidents on the service now side because of the value in the field "Trap Priority" on the alarms. is this a configurable value? and how to reconfigure?


Release : 9.0.2 and above

Component : UIM - SNGTW


The default severity of the incident created is 4

To reconfigure the Default Incident Priority, please follow the below steps:

The default incident priority is used to assign the priority of the new incident when the alarm severity is not mapped with the incident priority.
Follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the Raw Configure interface > setup section.
2. Edit the normal_priority key as:
* 1-Critical
* 2-High
* 3-Moderate
* 4-Low
* 5-Planning
Default: 4
3. Save the configuration and restart the sngtw probe.


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