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CA Balancing receiving INB5419I and INB5410I after CA View/Deliver 14.0 upgrade


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Deliver View Balancing


After upgrading CA View/Deliver to release 14.0 we are now receiving the following errors when attempting to use the CA Balancing interface:

INB5419I Reader date from ICB is not valid; 0 is assumed for date and time
An internal CA-Deliver control block does not contain a valid date and time. Rule set execution will not be triggered by this report.

INB5410I CA-Balancing processing started on mm/dd/yy at hh:mm:ss, step step-name procstep proc-stepname and dd ddname
A logic error may have occurred.


14.0, 1.1, CA Balancing, CA View/Deliver, Deliver, View, Balance, Interface


Missing compatibility fix RO93033

* ---------------------------------------------------------------------         
* Solution: RO93033
* PRODUCT: CA-Balancing                                                         
* RELEASE: 1.1                                                                  
* DATE:    8 NOV 2016                                                           
* HYPER:   NO                                                                   
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------         
* COMPATIBILITY FIX FOR VIEW & DLVR R14.0                                       
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------         
* Provide support for CA View & Deliver r14.                                    
* SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:                                                         
* All previous compatibility fixes up to and including                          
* RO71092 must be applied.                                                      
* SYMPTOMS:                                                                     
* When extracting data using Deliver r14                                        
* the following messages will be displayed                                      
*   INB5419I Reader date from ICB is not valid...                           
*   INB5420I Balancing processing for...                                       
* and                                                                           
*    RMOSTC39  PSO/SAPI interface has abended -                                 
*  CA Deliver cannot continue                                                   
*    RMOSEP30  ********************************************                     
*    RMOSEP30  *                                          *                     
*    RMOSEP30  *   CA-DELIVER       (RMOSTCGT/STC34562)   *                     
*    RMOSEP30  *   PRODUCT HAS ABENDED WITH CODE U0039    *                     
*    RMOSEP30  *   ***     RESTART PRODUCT ASAP     ***   *                     
*    RMOSEP30  *                                          *                     
*    RMOSEP30  ********************************************                     
* IMPACT:                                                                       
* CA Balancing job will fail and the Deliver started task abends.               
* CIRCUMVENTION:                                                                
* None.                                                                         
* PRODUCT(S) AFFECTED: CA Balancing r1.1
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------


Exact circumstances and messages received may be different than documented on the corrective PTF.

For example, you may or may not see a "INB5420I" message and the CA Deliver task (RMOSTC) may or may not abend with a U0039. 


Application of CA Balancing PTF RO93033 is required when upgrading CA View/Deliver to release 14.0 in conjunction with using the CA Balancing interface.

Additional Information

If CA Balancing does not have an SMP/E environment...

- The following is "SAMPLE ZAP JCL" that you may be able to use to apply CA Balancing PTF RO93033. 
- Before executing any JCL to zap your CA Balancing load library, make sure you have a BACKUP of the load library.
- Don't forget to perform an LLA REFRESH if the CA Balancing load library is defined to LINKLIST.

Sample ZAP JCL:

//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                      
//SYSLIB   DD DSN=your.cabalance.loadlib,DISP=SHR <-*CHANGE       
//SYSIN    DD *
--> Add SMP ZAP statements from PTF  here <--