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Unable to login to AWI | U00003703 Invalid ... field = 'GBNAME'


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After copying UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS to a non-zero client, unable to login to that client.  
AWI spins for a while 
Eventually AWI shows "Error in application, see logs for details." 

Error in WP logs is:
04 - 20210426/132406.676 - U00003620 Routine 'UCUSER_R' forces trace because of error.
04 - 20210426/132406.676 - U00003703 Invalid variable found in READ: field = 'GBNAME'

Turning on a WP trace shows WP trace appearing to try to read the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS vara, gets to the OVD info and throws:
04 - 20210426/132406.676 -   EXIT UCUVAR         RET: 0000003703  TIME: 0000,00723  RETTEXT='GBNAME' varname='UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS' wert=' ' text=' ' typ='C' gb-name='FREI' gb-w='MAX_USER_INTERFACES''


Release : 12.3



If this occurs, reproduce with trace like this:
a) Go to the Administration perspective of one of the clients that you can get into
b) Go to Automation Engine Management
c) Right-click on one of the WPs that is currently running and choose "Advanced Options"
d) Update TCP/IP to 2 and Database to 4
e) Uncheck the box that says "Memory Trace" and click Apply
f) Attempt to login again and wait for a couple of minutes or until an error appears or session timeout

Turn off tracing following steps a through e above, but change tcp/ip to 0 and database to 0.

Open a ticket with support; send all WP log and trace files from the time the issue was reproduced.