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How to perform file collect information from DSM Explorer and directly from database?


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


To perform file collect from DSM Explorer and database (in this case user's pdf files), you can use 
the Asset Management File Scan collect task (add *.pdf in the source field):

Following the a ref. article with the steps to create a file scan collect task:

How do I create a report to find pagefile.sys? Article ID: 68527


CA Client Automation - All versions


There're no out of the box way to provide the summary in a specific format, but based on the 
article's report, it uses two tables: ca_discovered_hardware and filemgr. The following query 
like this one should help to build your own to match your request:

SELECT cdh.host_name, flmrg.contain 
FROM ca_discovered_hardware cdh, filemgr flmrg
WHERE flmrg.contain LIKE '%.pdf%' and 


host_name       contain
-----------        ---------

test_machine   DIR: C:\   DIR: C:\Test_local_drive\   ca-client-automation.PDF|480981|20170504|114334|A 

The field 'contain' from table 'filemgr' is populated with the format below, showing
the file path (directory and subdirectories), file name, size, date, hour and attributes.
And the pattern '%.pdf%' is case sensitive.

Users can modify the query to group by hostname, count(*), etc, according to theur needs.
Also, you may export the results to build your own report with external tools.