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Modern UX - Masking a URL Field so that the display on UI is short


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We are able to mask a URL with a reference word so that the whole URL is not displayed in the UI. A sample screenshot is as below.

However, we notice that the whole URL shows up in the Modern UX. How do we make sure that the reference word is shown and not the whole URL?


Latest version tested against: 15.9.2


The way an URL is masked is through the technique described in the following community thread:

The underlying attribute would be of type dynamic lookup, displayed as a pull-down in an edit view. This technique has its limitations, such as, even in the Classic UI it does not work if the attribute is displayed as a Browse field.

Similarly, the Modern UX uses different technology than the Classic UI to render pages, and this technique is not applicable there. So, the same result as Classic UI cannot be obtained.